Tattoo Submission: Roberta, 20, Venice IT  - 

It’s a line from the song “She looks so perfect” by 5 Seconds of Summer. Since the first time I heard it it got stuck in my head, now I got it tattooed as for me it means “don’t stop, keep going, it’s gonna be okay”.

Tattoo Submission: Emilie Skjold (Copenhagen)  - 


Represents my younger brother. The sun is a symbol for Apollo (the brother in the greek story about Apollo and Artemis) the arrow represents how i will always protect, love and honor him. The “M” is for Malthe (his name).. Apollo and Artemis were siblings – and the story about them is beautiful!

Tattoo Submission: Alejandra (Mexico)  - 


Diamond heart
IG: alexgrz
My boyfriend died yesterday, my heart is broken, but I realized that is stronger than ever, because it is broken in the shape of a diamond.
I got it the same day he died.

World.  - 

world map tattoo world map tattoo 2 world map tattoo 3

Martyna (Warsaw), unknown, unknown

Tattoo Submission: Amy @amytaang (San Francisco)  - 


They are actually two separate tattoos. The laurel wreath with the little bird perched on it was inspired by one of my favorite songs by Bright Eyes. Below that, “ad Astra”, in Latin translates to “to the stars”, which is a tribute to my grandfather.