Feathers.  - 

feather tattoo

feather tattoo 2

feather tattoo 3

Leslie (Amsterdam), Kinga (Poland), Erika (Sweden)

Weekly Roundup.  - 


Feet.  - 

feet tattoo 3

feet tattoo

feet tattoo 2

Stefania Ros (Iceland)

Lena (London)
The Doctor: There’s an old Earth saying, Captain. A phrase of great power and wisdom and consolation to the soul in times of need.
Addams: What’s that then?
The Doctor: [shouts] Allons-y!

Carina (Augsburg) The date of our relationship, a Bahá’í-Star

Moon.  - 

moon tattoo

moon tattoo 2

moon tattoo 3

Tiffany Stevens, slts, little twigs 

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Tattoo Submission: Britta (Herlev)  - 


My father passed away two months before I turned 16. His faith in me is something I’ll never forget.
“To the stars” is a constant reminder, every day, to always aim for the stars, no matter what I do.