Skylines.  - 

skyline tattoo 2skyline tattoo  skyline tattoo 3

gth,  Fanny, unknown

Tattoo Submission: Benedetta (Venezia)  - 


I’ve been sharing my life with the love of my life for over 10 years. We got our date tattooed during a trip in the USA and I’m sure I’ll never regret it.

Shoulders.  - 

shoulder tattoo shoulder tattoo 2 shoulder tattoo 3

unknown, unknown, oanabefort

Tattoo Submission: Marion (Paris)  - 


It’s au laurel-leaf and it means a lot to me. Laurel-leaves are toxic, even the ones we can eat. I love the idea of being a little bit toxic! It’s also a magic plant for the writers, that brings inspiration if put under a sheet of paper. It’s also a symbol of victory.