Feet.  - 

feet tattoo 1

feet tattoo 2

feet tattoo 3

Ewelina (Lublin), ftc, Siemen (Mannheim, Germany)

Tattoo Submission: Kelly Ann (Holland)  - 


don’t ever change yourself for someone. Always be yourself, no matter what. Love yourself first.

Instagram: itsawildwildworldbaby

Symbols.  - 

symbol tattoo

symbol tattoo 2

symbol tattoo 3

vgypsyAmani, Maiara (Criciúma/SC-Brazil)

Thursday Randoms.  - 

thursday random tattoo

thursday random tattoo 2

thursday random tattoo 3

unknown, Miley Cyrus, Lê (Ibirama, SC)

Tattoo Submission: Emanuela (Italy)  - 


I’m EMANUUU in Instagram and this is one of my tattoos ❤️
Two words that inspire me every morning