Trees.  - 

tree tattoo 3tree tattoo 2  tree tattoo

Amandine P, Emma (Melbourne), Tannis

Tattoo Submission: Emma (Piteå)  - 


I made this mandala in my favourite place on earth, Bali. A friend draw it specially for me.

Arms.  - 

arm tattooarm tattoo 2


Jeremy G (Guelph, Ontario), Linnea R (Köping, Sweden)
Emelie (Stockholm) “had the time of my life in Melbourne for 9 months and got this as a memory :) insta: ainakommer”

Eye of Horus.  - 

eye of horus tattoo 3 eye of horus tattoo


source, Amy (Swiss), Marcela (São Paulo, Brazil)

Tattoo Submission: Angel (Coventry, UK)  - 


The main heart is me and the second heart is my husband, I got it as a subtle chest tattoo.