Geometric.  - 

geometric tattoogeometric tattoo 2 geometric tattoo 3

Dior Homme SS14 photographer: Filep Motwary, P (Bangkok, Thailand), Juanma (Medellin)

Tattoo Submission: Matilda (Uppsala)  - 


Part of my sleeve so far :)

Sides.  - 


side tattoo 2

side tattoo


 Ana (Madrid, Spain)
I’ve always been really close to my Turkish side so I decided to get a tattoo that represented that I’m half turkish half spanish. The sun represents Spain and the moon Turkey. And about the kiss… The love that I have for both of my family even though I’m closer to the spanish one.

Micayla (Washington D.C.), Josefine (Sweden)

Flowers.  - 

flower tattoo

flower tattoo 2  flower tattooo 3

MxM tattooist, Cecilie (Copenhagen), Matilda S (Sweden)

Tattoo Submission: Julie Grunwald (Copenhagen)  - 


Dot-work tattoo by Ea Støvring (Copenhagen)