Tattoo Submission: Emma (Umeå)  - 


Self-drawn elk, to represent my northern roots and my grandpa. Also I love them because they’re majestic animals and the king of the forest.

Mandala.  - 

mandala tattoo

mandala tattoo 2

mandala tattoo 3


Cagla, cinnabomb, Johanna (Sweden)

Mountains.  - 

mountain tattoo

mountain tattoo 2

mountain tattoo 3

pAnshka, SariXandra

Fingers.  - 

finger tattoo 1

finger tattoo 2

finger tattoo 3

pAlanaRDufrane, stylesight, Nélia (Portugal)

Hearts.  - 

heart tattoo

heart tattoo 2

heart tattoo 3


theseventhsister, unknown, Christopher Landin