Tattoo Submission: Sabrina Yong (Malaysia)  - 


A tribute to my kitty cat Mr. Louie. I have always been curious about how it felt to have a tattoo and finally gathered enough courage to have one done. This tattoo is my very first and it was done at a very reputable tattoo parlour in Milan during my recent work trip there.

Waves.  - 

wave tattoowave tattoo 2 wave tattoo 3 unknown, Shannon (Waterloo, ON), unknown

Tattoo Submission: Tania (San Antonio)  - 


Met the love of my Life and got his signature..Now my Husband.

Deer.  - 

deer tattoo 5deer tattoodeer tattoo 7

Dr.Woo, Bambi, Karolina A (Eskilstuna, Sweden)

Tattoo Artist: Kirsten Holliday  - 

tattoo artist kirsten