Anchor.  - 

anchor tattoo anchor tattoo 2anchor tattoo 3

unknown, unknown, Nicole (Stuttgart, Germany)

Tattoo Submission: Gina (London)  - 


After going through very difficult times, the arrow is a reminder to move forward and not look back. Unalome with lotus generally symbolises “going through struggles (twist & turns) to reach englightment” – for me, the realisation that life is too short and precious to let the past drag me down

Tattoo artist: @yar.put  - 

Tattoo artist- @yar.put 3 Tattoo artist- @yar.put 2 Tattoo artist- @yar.put

Clover.  - 

clover tattoo  clover tattoo 2clover tattoo 3

Tattooist Doy, bazbabayaga, Tina (Denmark)