Tattoo Submission: Mariana (Mexico City)  - 


Et hoc transibit, means this too shall pass; i got this tattoo after I suffered depression.

Is an adage indicating that all material conditions, positive or negative, are temporary.

Necks.  - 

neck tattoo 4
neckneck tattoo 3

neck tattoo 2

Rihanna, Tove, shoothim

Matching.  - 

matching tattoo

matching tattoo 2

matching tattoo 3

HERMAN IX, source, Dagmara (Strzałkowo) and Martini (Poznań)

Sunday Interior: Blue Velvet  - 


velvet blue

Tattoo Submission: Jennifer (Boron)  - 


This is my minimalist cat tattoo. It might sound silly or childish, but I was living abroad for a year and I was really missing my cat called Kiwi, so I decided to get this tattoo,. He’ll always be with me, wherever I’ll go.