Tattoo Submission: Emily (Chicago)  - 


The moon has so many symbols; but for me, the phases signify constant change. This tattoo is a reminder that things change. Some phases of life will be bright & happy, some will be dark & dreary, but a new phase is always on the horizon and things will always come full circle.

Fingers crossed.  - 

fingers-crossed-tattoo-2fingers-crossed-tattoo-3  fingers-crossed-tattoo

Tattoo Submission: Justine (Paris)  - 


It’s a drawing of my friend Fanny. It’s unique and it represents the beauty of woman. I love enormous curves and nudes.

Kisss <3

Words.  - 

word-tattooword-tattoo-3 word-tattoo-2

unknown, Andrea (Oslo, Norway), Eleonora (Turin)