Flowers.  - 

flower tattooflower tattoo 2 flower tattoo 3

Airplane.  - 

airplane tattoo airplane tattoo 2 airplane tattoo 3

unknown, Victoria (Växjö), Malou (Denmark)

Tattoo Submission: Shannon (Waterloo, ON)  - 


Got a tattoo as a momento to my time in kelowna BC completing my yoga teachers training 🙂 I swam everyday in the Okanagan Lake to connect to nature and to my grandfather who drowned when my mom was a child.

Shoulder.  - 

shoulder tattoo shoulder tattoo 2 shoulder tattoo 3

unknown, Caglaoanabefort

Mandala  - 

mandala tattoo mandala tattoo 2 mandala tattoo 3

Ronja (Berlin), trvl, unknown