Deer.  - 

deer tattoo 2deer tattoo 3  deer tattoo

unknown, Dr.Woo, unknown

Tattoo Submission: Alice (Edinburgh)  - 


My first tattoo is on my forearm. It’s from ‘Skinny Love’ and says “patient fine balanced kind”. I just had my second one done, it’s the constellation Cassiopeia. I think they’re beautiful.

Wishbones.  - 

wishbone tattoo 2wishbone tattoo 3 wishbone tattoo

Emilia (New York/Gothenburg) @emiliaesser, Carrie from wishwishwishKiah

Words.  - 

word tattooword tattoo 3 word tattoo 2

unknown, unknown, Brenda (Netherlands)

Lost Boy.  - 

lost boy tattoo

Tattoo by Stefan at East River Tattoo in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Drawn by Sarah Nakano.