Moths.  - 

moth tattoo 2 butterfly tattoo

insidetoout, unknown

Palms.  - 

palm tattoo 2 palm tattoopalm tattoo 3

1924us, Luciane (São Paulo) @lucianes, unknown

Tattoo Submission: Amber Moore (Kansas City)  - 

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my husband and I have spent many nights dancing in our apartment listening to Bowie and falling in love. This tattoo is a tribute to us and to the Goblin King himself.

Planet.  - 

planet tattoo 5 planet tattoo 2 planet tattoo 3

Leslie ter Hofte (Amstredam), unknown, Franci (Munich)

Sunday Randoms.  - 

sunday random tattoosunday tattoo 2sunday tattoo 3

unknown, Natalie (New York), Fanny Granström (Skellefeå)