Love.  - 

love tattoo

love tattoo 2

love tattoo 3

 Shannon Egan, savings sweetnessvine and light

Hand.  - 

hand tattoo



Arms.  - 

arm tattoo

arm tattoo 2

arm tattoo 3

meganjennifer,  Mari & Friend, Wilma (Örebro)

Tattoo Submission: Jessica Desiam (Dois Irmãos, RS, Brazil)  - 


Hamsa is an amulet that helps banish evil or any negative energy. It Brings happiness, luck and fortune to its owners. My tattoo was designed by my tattoo artist Tita and I loved the result. I tried putting in drawing the eye and the heart for protection.

Maps.  - 

map tattoo

map tattoo 2

map tattoo 3

Sabrina (Sydney), infinite dream, Elena (Spain)