Tuesday Randoms.  - 

tuesday randoms tattoo tuesday randoms tattoo 2tuesday randoms tattoo 3

JBM Weddingsmiso, Nina (Vienna)

Tattoo Artist: @soltattoo  - 

Tattoo Artist- @soltattoo 2

Be Brave.  - 

be brave tattoo be brave tattoo 2be brave tattoo 3

Karoline (Trondheim, Norway) i have now in almost three years fought a battle against depression and anorexia. this spring i want to get healthy and free from ED. with ink on my arm i’ll always remember to be brave. to always have faith in myself. to never give up. MelissaCapacities

Tattoo artist: Sasha Masiuk  - 

Tattoo artist- Sasha MasiukTattoo artist- Sasha Masiuk 2 Tattoo artist- Sasha Masiuk 3