Symbols.  - 

symbol tattoosymbol tattoo 2symbol tattoo 3

Luna Lindsay (Fredericton), Dr.Woo, rachelduffy

Lines.  - 

line tattoo line tattoo 2 line tattoo 3

Frida Salomonsson, Jeana S, Lykke Li

Tattoo Submission: Sheriden (Atlanta)  - 


I’ve always been a lover of words and take pride in my ability to sometimes create something beautiful out of them and wanted to do the same on my skin.  – @indiebyline

Wrists.  - 

wrist wrist tattoo wrist tattoo 2

unknown, Kajsa (Västerås, Sweden), Andrew Paul

Legs.  - 

leg tattoo  leg tattoo 3leg tattoo 2

autoportrait, Louise (Västerås, Sweden) Lady Gaga: “I’ve learned love is like a brick, you can build a house or sink a dead body”, unknown