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Tattoo Submission: Dom (Toronto)



Simple on both arms. Work done by the lovely Kelly Rothchild.



wrist tattoowrist tattoo 2 wrist tattoo 3

Bonnie (Alessandria, Italy), Tina Jakobse (Trondheim) instagram @tnjakobsen

Lauren (Chicago) This anchor/heart tattoo represents this quote to me: “Life’s roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors.” I’ve gone through some rough times in my life and I got this tattoo as a symbol to hold me through and “anchor” me during life and also learn to love my past and not let it hold me back.



shape tattoo

shape tattoo 2

shape tattoo 3

blackwork by Matt Matik, weissesrauschen, Maiara (Criciúma/SC-Brazil)

Tattoo Submission: Stephanie (Minneapolis)



These words are from Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Growing up I read The Chronicles of Narnia with my family and this book in particular held a lot of meaning to me. They are a reminder to have courage in the darkest of times and to have faith that you will get through it.