Tattoo Submission: Lynn (Seattle)  - 

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Wisteria, inked for its wistful nature — sad and melancholy. (insta: @laughlynnlove)

Trees  - 

tree tattootree tattoo 2 tree tattoo 3

Jess Chen, Rassp, Amelia (Cartagena)

David Bowie Lyrics  - 

david bowie tattoo david bowie tattoo 2 david bowie tattoo 3

Rebecca E, Awen C, Dorothy D

Feathers.  - 

feather tattoo feather tattoo 2 feather tattoo 3

unknown, unknown, Paula (Seattle)

Tattoo Submission: Alex Sully (Vancouver)  - 


Hello ! Here’s a tattoo I got done a while back 🙂 hope u guys like it !