Tattoo Submission: Evy (Ghent)  - 


I got this beautiful piece of art when I was traveling in Asia. It’s a great reminder of a great time. I waited six months for this tattoo and it was really worth the wait. Zi Hwa designed and tattooed this piece. It’s a reminder to always be wild (wildflowers) and to have a good home (hand = base).

Ankle.  - 

ankle-tattoo ankle-tattoo-2 ankle-tattoo-3

Birds.  - 

bird-tattoo bird-tattoo-2bird-tattoo-3

Johanna Marteleur, Caroline’s Mode, Tove

Tattoo Submission: Alicia (Hamburg)  - 


When i was younger (14-16) I had a lot of fears. I got a lot of panickatacks and was not really happy. But I got out of this and started to free myself from all the boarders and fears in my head. To remember myself that I will no longer let the fears stop me I got this tattoo.