Tattoo Submission: Emilie (Copenhagen)  - 


I have always had a thing for stars and the sun. I got this little tattoo, which makes it up to the viewer to decide which one it should be. And I love that about it.

Snowflakes.  - 

snowflake tattoo 2snowflake tattoo 5 snowflake tattoo

Ayako (Germany), TabithaRandi

Tattoo Artist: Victor J Webster  - 

victor j webster tattoovictor j webster tattoo 3 victor j webster tattoo 2

Tattoo Submission: Ann (Berlin)  - 


Getting a couple tattoo is being frowned upon by so many. Being rational, we picked a motive that can stand alone, but to us, is a perfect match.

Legs.  - 

leg tattoo 5leg tattoo 6  legs tattoo

unknown, unknown, Alice de Marchin