Flowers.  - 

flower tattoo 2

flower tatto

flower tattoo 3

source, Emilia www.nollfemnolltva.blogg.seCandi Mandi

Arrows.  - 

arrow tattoo 2

arrow tattoo 3

arrow tattoo

Klaudia, Lina (Halmstad, Sweden), Samantha

Tattoo Submission: Alexandra Sabrina (Vienna)  - 


I decided to get a world map as my second tattoo because I absolutely love traveling and it’s a blessing
to be able to see the world.
I’m also thinking about marking all the cities / countries I’ve been to. :-)

Chemistry.  - 

chemistry tattoo 3

chemistry tattoo 2

chemistry tattoo

unknown, Rebecka (Paris), Mikaela

Backs.  - 

back tattoo 3

back tattoo 2  back tattoo

special way of living, source, Margaux Lonnberg