Backs.  - 

back tattooback tattoo 2back tattoo 3

Langley Fox, stylemepretty, Sissel S (Sweden)

Tattoo Submission: Bo (Stirling)  - 

As I’m studying abroad, I’m leaving my brother behind in my home country. He’s not only my brother, but my best friend too!

Bicycles.  - 

bike tattoobike tattoo 3 bike tattoo 2Lisa Z, sun kissedMatthew

Monday Randoms.  - 

Monday Randoms tattoo 3 Monday Randoms tattoo 2 Monday Randoms tattoo

Victor J Webster, shoeboxtonysource

Tattoo Submission: Lucrezia (Milan)  - 


I got this tattoo of a lotus flower because it represents beauty and purity and because it’s my favorite flower.