Egyptian symbols.


egyptian tattooegyptian tattoo 3 egpytian tattoo 2

Rihanna, Hannah Johansson, Linda (Norway), Blake B (Louisville)

Tattoo Submission: Zanna (Beverley, England)



A small elephant on the inside of my right ankle which I got in Chiangmai, Thailand. It represents my time backpacking through Asia and my new found love for elephants after working at a sanctuary.

Instagram: @blondehealth

White Ink.

White Ink

white ink tattoo 2 white ink tattoo 3 white ink tattoo

Kaayink, Kristen Zumot, Faith T

Tattoo Submission: Line (Holstebro, Danmark)



My mom i sick(cancer) and I wanted to show her my love. But everyone has a heart tattooed, so i decided to write it instead. The hears also symbolize my love to my friends and family.