Tattoo Submission: Emma (Umeå)  - 


It’s both on my arms and it’s roman numerals for the years my mom and dad were born, 1964 and 1959.
The anchor I got because I love how they look.

Fingers.  - 

finger tattoo finger tattoo 2 finger tattoo 3

unknown, shoeboxtonyearth tone

Fingers.  - 

finger tattoofinger tattoo 2 finger tattoo 3

Burton, Natalia (Goiânia, Brazil), Ellinor J

Wrists.  - 

wrist wrist tattoo 2 wrist tattoo 3

Josefine Cramer, Laura (Germany), Hanna (Sweden)

Model: Kate Moss  - 

 kate moss tattoo 3 kate moss tattoo

kate moss tattoo 2

She has a few more tattoos on her ankles, palm of her hand and on her hand.