Anchors.  - 

anchor tattoo anchor tattoo 2 anchor tattoo 3

Ana M, unknown, Kate Moss

Leg.  - 

leg tattoo

Giraffes.  - 

giraffee tattoo 1
giraffe tattoo 2  giraffee tattoo 3

unknown, MiaLinneaJørgensen (Denmark), Anja Konstantinova

Feet.  - 

feet tattoo

feet tattoo 2

feet tattoo 3

unknown, Filippa B (Sweden), Johanna (Sweden)

Palm trees.  - 

ankle tattoo 3

thursday random

Oyster mag

Viktoria (London)
palmtree and writing… my latest tattoo and maybe the one I love most. the writing is swahili and means ‘home’ as I fell mad in love with east africa.