Shoulders.  - 





 Mila (Denmark)
X•XII•XCIII my birthday

Coral (Edmond, Oklahoma)
“forgiveness” in Arabic. Growing up I always felt the weight of the world upon my shoulders & forgiveness has constantly lifted that weight.

Friday Randoms.  - 

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Lamia K (Malmö Sweden)
“Je ne pleurerai pas” means “I won’t cry” in french, It stands for not giving up, always to keep trying and to never let anyone get to me and to break me down. It gives me courage and strenght. And it’s also a quote from Montreal by my favorite artist, The Weeknd. 

Anna (Tampere, Finland)
I have a great supporting network and family, but feathers attached to my ankles to give me freedom to travel and see the world.

Serafina (Sydney)
Arabic script meaning “it is written.”

Ribs.  - 




Elin ‘Vildhjärta” – Wild Heart. Describes me and my journey across the world from Surahammar, Sweden to California
Sanna (Sweden) homemade feather made in california
Christina (Ecuador) “I belong to myself” in arabic

Tattoo Submission: Camilla (Eskilstuna)  - 


My third tattoo with white ink. Arabic, my name.; Camilla.

Feet.  - 





Marijose (Saltillo, Mexico) “My second tattoo… 2011, when I decided to quit my job and start my own business, 4 is my favorite number, 4 seagulls meaning the liberty but with the feet in the ground, and my 2 sisters, my brother and me… Iove it… now ready for the third!”

Isabela J (Goiânia, Goias, Brazil) “My first one,got it when I was 16.It means FAMILY in Arabic. It really hurts, but is worth it, I’d do it all over again.I got it to always remember:wherever I go, my family will be with me! And it’s in Arabic cause I have a Lebanese ancestry.Had to contact the Lebanon Embassy to get the it right.”

Jordan (Fort Collins) “It says “one step closer” in Italian. I got it the last day of high school. It’s a bit of a reminder that all I do is getting me closer to that next big step in my life.”