Tattoo Submission: Mille A.



My third tattoo, by Mirja Fenris of Toe Loop in Berlin. I thought about the dotted part myself, and sent it to Mirja, who then added the outer lines. She did the dots so beautifully, and i like the contrast in the dots and the lines. It dons’t really mean anything, but it is my jewellery.

Tattoo Submission: Kajsa Hilding (Gislaved, Sweden)



“Jag kommer älska dig när jorden gått under för jag kommer aldrig dö, nej det kommer aldrig va över för mig” – Håkan Hellström

“I will love you when the earth ends because I will never die, no it will never be over for me”

Tuesday Randoms.





Julia (Milan)
My wrist tattoo next to my friend’s arm tattoo. Done at Neroink in Milan that same day.

Ebba (Sweden)

Frida (Norway)
I took this in memory of my grandpa. It reminds me to always live my life and be happy, even in the end.