Mountains.  - 

back tattoo

mountain tattoo 2

mountain tattoo 3

Assa Tilanus @ De Boekers by Richard Bakker, redwood collective, Anyaa (London)

Cameras.  - 

camera tattoo

camera tattoo 2

camera tattoo 3

Vanessa Correia Rosa, Laura (Gronau, Germany), Johanna (Åre)

Dr.Woo  - 

dr woo

dr woo tattoo 2

dr woo tattoo 3

Tattoo Submission: Li Hultquist (Stockholm)  - 


Life starts like a blank paper, we draw the lines along as we go.
With all those small and big things life offer.
We will all end up like a big colorful masterpiece no matter what.
To be creative is to be me.

Arms.  - 

arm tattoo

arm tattoo 2

arm tattoo 3

HERMAN IX, KMSfondalashay