Tattoo artist: Hongdam  - 

hongdam hongdam tattoo 2 hongdam tattoo 3@hongdam

Elephant.  - 

elephant tattoo elephant tattoo 3 elephant tattoo 2

unknown, Sara (Mexico City), Merel

World.  - 

travel tattootravel tattoo 3 travel tattoo 2

Hongdam, Elsa (Stockholm), lll

Tattoo Submission: Eline (Amsterdam)  - 


This screw saved my life once.
So whenever life is giving me a hard time,
I look at it
and I know I’m a survivor.

Tattoo Submission: Jade and Manon (Toulouse, France)  - 


This is my small tattoo and that of my sister! This is a quote from Eminem’s song “When I’m Gone”. It represents our personalities !