Tattoo Submission: Maria (Brussels)  - 


My crown tattoo was inspired by the work of artist Jean-Michel Basquiat

Kizun.  - 

kizun tattoo


Water Colours.  - 

water colour tattoo 2

water colour tattoo 3

water colour tattoo

source, source, Musa Work

Audrey Kawasaki.  - 

audrey kawasaki tattoo 3audrey kawasaki tatoo audrey kawasaki tattoo 2

trickstersss, FY Audrey Kawasaki, FY Audrey Kawasaki

Tattoo Submission: Alice (Brighton)  - 


My grandma passed away in December of ovarian cancer before she passed she painted me this picture and then thought it reminded her or me. So to honor my beloved grandmother I had the painting tattooed on me.