Tattoo Submission: Martha (Holland)  - 


Represents my love for the fashion industry. Placement is inserted where a tag should be. Hand wash warm water, mild like soap, do not machine dry, iron.

Mandalas.  - 

mandala tattoo mandala tattoo 2 mandala tattoo 3

source, niña, Emma (Piteå)

Moons.  - 

moon tattoo moon tattoo 2 moon tattoo 3

Martha (Germany), unknown, Lina J

Backs.  - 

back tattoo back tattoo 2 back tattoo 3, Planet Blue, Marielle Chua

Tattoo Submission: Felicia (Stockholm)  - 


I got this tulip done a year after my grandmoth died. She was my favourite person in the world and loosing her was the worst time of my life. She was obsessed with tulips, so it was a pretty easy decision to get one done.