Shells.  - 

shell tattooshell tattoo 2 shell tattoo 3

Paige, Daisy, Chloe (Torquay, Australia)

Moons.  - 

moon tatto

moon tattoo 3 moon tattoo 2

Anna-Karin (Malmö), unknown, Pernille

Tattoo Submission: Lucas (Berlin)  - 


Holy Sak Yant Tattoo, Gao Yord or the 9 Spikes. Done by a monk at Wat Bang Phra temple near Bangkok, standing for my latest Journey through australia & asia

Backs.  - 

back tattooback tattoo 2 back tattoo 3


Georgie Hartmann “Everything I am I owe to my Grandmother – M.M.M
Her initials. There is nobody I love more in this world”

Idunn (Oslo)

Wednesday Randoms.  - 

wednesday random tattoo

wednesday randoms tattoo 2

wednesday tattoo3

pJesussauvage, Ganaëlle, Felicia (Sweden)