Swallow.  - 

swallow tattooswallow tattoo 2 swallow tattoo 3

 Caroline’s Mode, Emilia (Finland), Shenhav Y (Israel)

Tattoo Submission: Anyaa (London)  - 


This is a tattoo of the view from my cottage in the Himalayas. The mountain in the tattoo is the ‘Trishul’ which has three peaks and a base. It represents my sister, my mom, my dad and I. Its the place that I can truly call home.

Numbers.  - 

number tattoo 3

number tattoo 2  number tattoo

anonymous, Anna (Sweden), freepeople

Model: Kate Moss  - 

 kate moss tattoo 3 kate moss tattoo

kate moss tattoo 2

She has a few more tattoos on her ankles, palm of her hand and on her hand.

Anchors.  - 

anchor tattoo 2  anchor tattoo

anchor tattoo 3

Ana M, Filippa B (Sweden)  filippabarve.se, Katarina