Tattoo Submission: Mia (Helsinki, FI)  - 

bird tattoo

My favorite author is Haruki Murakami, and my favorite book by him is the Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. Now I have my own wind-up bird to represent fate. I’m a total bookworm.

Tattoo Submission: Angeline (Singapore)  - 


You don’t need to seek love to complete yourself, you just need to be the love.

Roses.  - 

roses tattoo 2


roses tattoo

Giovanna (Brasil), Lina (Sweden), Yzelle D (Viña Del Mar)

Backs.  - 


back tattoo


Felicia (Örnsköldsvik), Cassity I (Hallsville), Marie (Nancy) “For my grandfather, who I miss so much every day.”

Literature.  - 

literature tattoo literature tattoo 3

literature tattoo 2

Kelly M Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, sammanfa Harry Potter, Andi L Arguably by Anaïs Nin.