Tattoo Submission: Elsa (Sweden)



“I can’t change where I’m from, but I can change where I’m going” This is my first tatto and I did this because of my past. I’ve got bullied for 8 years and was thinking about suicide. But I didn’t wich I am grateful for today. The thought of my family made me strong enough to go on.

Tattoo Submission: Isabella (Germany)


It means senza rimpianti – no regrets.





2012-06-30 17.36.26

source: Jonna (Nyköping) “I lost my cousin to the angels about two years ago and this tattoo is dedicated to him.
I know he can see us and i wanted him to know that he’ll always be around with us. The bird represent his freedom after his fight of a 1 year long sickness.”

Karoline (Oslo)


Tattoo Submission: Emily (London)

My tattoo

be sure

“be sure your mind lands on the beauty of this funny place called life”
A quote from Sarah Kay’s poem titled: ‘if I should have a daughter’.