Bears.  - 

bear tattoobear tattoo 3 bear tattoo 2

unknown, ghostpatrol,  one

Bears.  - 

bear tattoo bear tattoo 3 bear tattoo 2

Macy, Philippe Fernandez, Juanma (Medellin)

Tattoo Submission: Katharina (Hamburg)  - 


the bear tooth symbolizes strength and power. the bear is considered to be one of the most powerful and sacred animals of all animals. because the bear hibernates, it is considered to bring the gift of renewal

Backs.  - 

back tattoo

back tattoo 2

back tattoo 3

stylemepretty, unknown, @hayleejreis_ (Cambridge Ontario, Canada)

Geometrics.  - 

geometric tattoo

geometric tattoo 2

geometric tattoo 3

Igor Gama, P (Bangkok, Thailand), Juanma (Medellin)