Swallows.  - 

swallow tattoo

swallow tattoo 2

swallow tattoo 3

Johanna (Västerås, Sweden), Astrid G, Sabina (Sweden)

Arms.  - 

arm tattoo 2

arm tattoo 3

arm tattoo

Mariah Anzil, Kaisa (Tallinn), unknown

Carolines Mode.  - 




Wrists.  - 

 wrist tattoo 3 wrist tattoowrist tattoo 2

Lykke Li, Gabriela (Argentina), Shenhav Yaish (Israel)

Tattoo Submission: Fanny Granström (Skellefeå)  - 


My owl with eaglewings. Owl = wise. Eagle = power, control, freedom. Doesn’t fit me in very well, but it’s my goals. What I want to be. fannygranstrm@instagram