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Ellen (Sweden)

Julia (Sweden)
The very first tattoo I got was the text Crea Diem, which means Create the day. The feather was my third tattoo and I got it because I’ve always loved feather-tattoos. Who says every tattoo has to have a meaning? :)

Ellie (Marietta)
Crows are my favorite birds. They’re smarter than people think they are, but they’re a bad omen in many religions. I feel like they are given a bad rap that they don’t deserve.

Tattoo Submission: Ale (Madrid, Spain)  - 

IMG_8699My last tattoo

Tattoo Submission: Linn (Uppsala)  - 

tattooIt’s for freedom and also in memory of my granpa, who had a little bird as company outside his hospitalwindow during his fight agains cancer.

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Camila (Spain) An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards, so when life drags you back, it’s only because it’s sending you to something great.

Anna (Norrköping) I’m me. It’s not worth to even try to change that.

Kathy (Melbourne, Australia)

Tattoo Submission: Amalie Q (Copenhagen)  - 

amalie-quist-origamiCreating something out of nothing.