Backs.  - 

back tattooback tattoo 2back tattoo 3

Langley Fox, stylemepretty, Sissel S (Sweden)

Legs.  - 

leg tattoo 3leg tattoo 2 leg tattoo

Franzi (Hamburg, Germany), pSteveause, E.D

Fingers.  - 





Eva (Marseille)
During a recent trip to London last summer, I got tattooed a heart on my finger to remind me the one’s I love, and those who love me. 

Amalie (Aarhus)
I got this tattoo when I was on a trip with 3 friends and we all ended up getting tattoos. I was inspired by another tattoo and I love that it’s so simple and it looks so pretty with nail polish.

Legs.  - 


Laylianny O (Puerto Rico)
“For some it symbolizes the clarity of the mind and heart. Those who have gone through major tribulations and come out on top get this as a way to show that they made it through a struggle and emerged with more strength than ever.”

Natasha (Brazil)

Neck Bows.  - 


la foto (19)

source: Catarina (Braga), Sharon (Mexico) “done by : cantinflash in Los indestructibles studio Mexico DF”