Tattoo Submission: Forster (Park City)  - 


Serotonin: a neurotransmitter that, when present, acts as a connector between cells and is associated with feelings of happiness and decreased anxiety.
As someone who has struggled with depression, this particular symbol means everything to me. Its a reminder to stay positive.

Stars.  - 

stars tattoo 2 stars tattoo 3 stars

Kathy M, Laurie (Canada), unknown

Feathers.  - 

feather tattoo feather tattoo 3

feather tattoo 2

Mille, Julia (Xanten, Germany), Vanessa (France)

Chest.  - 

chest tattoo 3chest tattoo chest tattoo 2

unknown, source, Jenny (Luleå)

Forever.  - 

forever tattooforever tattoo 2 forever tattoo 3

nikolawashere, Malin (Sweden), Malinda (Sweden)