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For Love and Lemons,  savings sweetness, Phoebe Tonkin

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Lidia (The Netherlands)
My love for Lord of the Rings & Harry Potter. On my right ankle Gandalf’s sign, on the left one of Sirius Black’s tattoos. Both done by my friend.

Amaa (Montreal)
Got the coordinates of my favourite place in the world on my ribs. My little paradise on earth, my home away from home.

Sâmia (Fortaleza-CE)
Bon Iver. Sometimes you give your love the wrong person, but love is never wrong. Even when you are broken even when that love gone wrong keep faith in love. Learn to love and love more.

Thursday Randoms.  - 





source: Jade Y (London), Nano (Santiago) “Toronto’s co-ordinates”, Caitlin (Kelowna)

Arms.  - 


source: Sofia (Sweden), Angelina B, Anna (Sweden)

Foot.  - 

source: Emma, Sofie (Sweden), Maira (Brazil)