Birds.  - 

bird tattoo

bird tattoo 2

bird tattoo 3

Johanna (Västerås, Sweden), Alicia (Herrljunga), fg

Friday Randoms.  - 

random tattoo 4 random tattoo 5 random tattoo 6

fg, Rebekahkevc

Arms.  - 


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Ellen (Sweden)

Julia (Sweden)
The very first tattoo I got was the text Crea Diem, which means Create the day. The feather was my third tattoo and I got it because I’ve always loved feather-tattoos. Who says every tattoo has to have a meaning? :)

Ellie (Marietta)
Crows are my favorite birds. They’re smarter than people think they are, but they’re a bad omen in many religions. I feel like they are given a bad rap that they don’t deserve.

Ribs.  - 




Maddie P (Vail, Colorado)
Veritas: It means truth. I can’t lie to myself if truth is written across my heart.

Dansa fastän hjärtat blöder: It’s a mix of two sentences from a song by Säkert.

The Inkery (Austin, TX)

Tattoo Submission: Emily (San Diego)  - 


Native american Crow for my mother who taught me about the intelligence and uniqueness of every being, especially the crow.