Dragonfly.  - 

dragonfly tattoo dragonfly tattoo 3 dragonfly tattoo 3 2

unknown, unknown, Alessandra Arborea (Bari)

Tattoo Submission: Luciane (São Paulo)  - 



Dragonfly.  - 

dragonfly tattoo 1

dragonfly tattoo 2


unknown, unknown, Alessandra Arborea (Bari)

Feet.  - 




Ewelina (Lublin)
For me this tattoo means : forget about the reason why you can’t in life, and start to try, cause it’s your time, time to fly – ALIVE

Sophie (Sweden)

Bridget G (Methuen, Ma)
This is my second tattoo, I got it this past summer. It means a lot to me because me and my sister got it together. No greater love represents that there is no greater love than the love of a sister. My tattoo is in my sister’s handwriting and hers is in mine.

Backs.  - 

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source: Elaine (France), Ollie R H (Washington D.C), Martina (Reggio Calabria)