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Fernanda Assenato (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
Every minute, so many things tries to make you a slave… rules, hierarchies, companies. This tattoo remebers me to never quit what I really think. 

Tiana (Vancouver, BC)
An inverted triangle represents the alchemist’s sign for water, which, as well as being a Scorpio, I have always felt a close connection with. It’s also a symbol for wisdom and femininity, as well as all things lunar.

Robin Smedman (Göteborg)
I’ve always loved my friend Jennys drawings. She got really pissed when I did it because all she can see is flaws. I’m actually getting one more from her but this time she is drawing it just for me! 

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 Ida (Denmark)
My favorite tattoo was originally a drawing that my eldest son made for me when he had just turned 3. The drawing is of himself, my husband and I. I instantly got my portrait tattooed on my wrist. It makes me happy every time I look at it :-)



Tattoo Submission: Emmy (Sweden/London)  - 

I’ve designed it myself and it stands for my mother (her nickname is mammoth in swedish).

Tattoo Submission: Helene (London)  - 


Gustav Klimt drawing

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source: C (London), Rachel M (Denver CO), Nicklas D (Copenhagen) ‘Two girls in a laundromat (wearing catmasks). The idea is from a bandpicture of the band Crystal Castles’