Fingers.  - 

finger tattoo finger tattoo 2 finger tattoo 3

waterandwool, unknown, Luna Lindsay (Fredericton)

Hands.  - 

hand tattoohand tattoo 5 hand tattoo 3

unknown, Miso, 1924us

Eyes.  - 



eye tattoo

Luna Lindsay (Fredericton)

supakafka (instagram), sofia bulgaria
symbol of Metis – innermost moon of Jupiter, and in ancient greek mythology – an oceanid and embodiment of magical cunning and wisdom

The Shiny Squirrel

Symbols.  - 

symbol tattoosymbol tattoo 2symbol tattoo 3

Luna Lindsay (Fredericton), Dr.Woo, rachelduffy

Eye.  - 

eye tattoo eye tattoo 2eye tattoo 3

The Shiny Squirrel, earth tone1924us