February Favourites.  - 

my tattoo

Liza (Västervik, Sweden)
I have Crohn’s disease, and the pain from my disease changed me to a stronger person.

Natalie B (Strandbaden, Sweden)
I call it Chesters Mandala. Chester is my dog and the tat is an actual imprint of his paw.


Michelle M (Aalborg, Denmark)
A g-key, in my ear, because I listen to a lot of music. The phrase “Om lidt”, on the neck, is from a Danish song by Kim Larsen and means something like “Soon” or “About a little while.” I grew up with his music and the song was played at my grandfather’s funeral.

Isabella (Germany)
It means senza rimpianti – no regrets.


Anja (Stockholm)
“det löser sig”, a constant reminder not to lose hope.

Tattoo Submission: Julia (Strasbourg, France)  - 


My tattoo includes all the letters of my family members, it is in a way the happiness equation for me.

Favourite.  - 


source: Matilda Gustafsson (Sweden)

Tattoo Submission: Sara L (Vila Real)  - 


Always keep love close to your heart.

Tattoologist: Favourite.

Favourite.  - 

source: Laurie