Tattoo Submission: Dom (Toronto)  - 


Simple on both arms. Work done by the lovely Kelly Rothchild.

Friday Randoms.  - 




Alex (Philadelphia), Nicole (Stuttgart, Germany)

Franny M (Sto. Dgo.) Balance| Fire. Also my brother has tattoo and in the middle there is a blank space that a triangle is formed, my sister is getting one too.

Backs.  - 

back tattoo 2

back tattoo 3  back tattoo

J (India)
‘My head is bloody but unbowed’
Most striking line from the poem invictus…i feel it describes me beautifully…nd gives me courage to go on. This is my 3rd tattoo and speaks my story.

Sarah B (New Hampshire)
These are song lyrics from The Fantasy by Thirty Seconds to Mars. For me, they represent the importance of believing in yourself and in your wildest fantasies, and having the persistence required to turn dreams into reality.

Marijne (Breda)

Tattoo Submission: P (Bangkok, Thailand)  - 


My First tattoo, Geometric Feather.

Wednesday Randoms.  - 

wednesday random wednesday randoms 2 wednesday randoms 3

one, two

Malin (Gothenburg)
“Christian’s my brother. He’s kind of a lost soul and the reason that I am who I am.”