Feet.  - 

feet tattoo 3feet tattoo feet tattoo 2

unknown, unknown, Keira

Tattoo Submission: Zanna (Beverley, England)  - 


A small elephant on the inside of my right ankle which I got in Chiangmai, Thailand. It represents my time backpacking through Asia and my new found love for elephants after working at a sanctuary.

Instagram: @blondehealth

Feet.  - 

feet tattoo

feet tattoo 2

feet tattoo 3

unknown, Kaary (Estonia), Elle (Cornwall, UK)

Fish.  - 

fish tattoo 2 fish tattoo 3 fish tattoo

unknown, Max (Stockholm), Amanda M (Michigan)

Flowers.  - 

flower tattoo 2

flower tattoo 3

flower tattoo

FS, APTT, Nina (Slovenia)