Ankles.  - 

ankle tattoo 2

ankle tattoo  ankle tattoo 3

free people, unknown, Oyster mag

Tattoo Submission: Dani (Los Angeles)  - 


Got it because its the name of my first photography exhibition and also its the tittle of one of my favorite Bob Dylan’s songs. The wild daisies add a bohemian and feminine touch.

Feet.  - 

feet tattoofeet tattoo 3 feet tattoo 2

Jenny, Julie B (Trondheim), Natalie M (Oakville, Ontario) insta: @natillyrandom

Compass.  - 

compass tattoo

compass tattoo 2 compass tattoo 3

Henna (Finland), Julie (Copenhagen), Charlotte (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)

Antlers.  - 

antler tattooantler tattoo 2 antler tattoo 3

gnb, Sarah, Dr.Woo