Wrists.  - 

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Lê (Ibirama, SC), Sarah Keeley, Aryane L (Fortaleza, Brazil)

Words.  - 

word tattoo 2 word tattooword tattoo 3

Melissa P

Alice (Czech Republic) “This too shall pass” in Czech

Claire (Sydney, Australia) “Sauvée” means “saved” in French

Friday Randoms.  - 

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Lamia K (Malmö Sweden)
“Je ne pleurerai pas” means “I won’t cry” in french, It stands for not giving up, always to keep trying and to never let anyone get to me and to break me down. It gives me courage and strenght. And it’s also a quote from Montreal by my favorite artist, The Weeknd. 

Anna (Tampere, Finland)
I have a great supporting network and family, but feathers attached to my ankles to give me freedom to travel and see the world.

Serafina (Sydney)
Arabic script meaning “it is written.”

Words.  - 




Cecilia O (Mar del plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Femke (Netherlands)

Lia (Boston)
Lumiere is french for “light” and represents the enlightenment ideals of free thinking, breaking from traditional religion, logical thinking and philosophical thinking. It represents knowledge and “thinking outside the box”.

Words.  - 




Nicole (Moscow)
“Protect me from what I want. Protege-moi, protege-moi” – Placebo.
Always loved this song and felt like this particular line has a special significance to me, as I tend to feel insecure sometimes. The fact that it is a rib tattoo and is not visible for everybody makes it even for special for me.

Claire (Sydney, Australia)
“Sauvée” means “saved” in French

Suzanna (The Hague)
For my home city, new york new york