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Kelly M Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, sammanfa Harry Potter, Andi L Arguably by Anaïs Nin. 

Thursday Randoms.





Dorothee (Paris)
Triangle / end of a chapter , beginning of a new one stronger foundation ever.,

Tina (Trondheim, Norway)
I’m such a nerd when it comes to the Harry Potter books and the movies, and I really felt that a tattoo which has so many memories and feelings, is worth taking. I’m a part of the Harry Potter generation too, and that is really cool!

Julia Mc Loughlin (Kalmar, Sweden)
My tattoo is about doing things with your heart. Show your love to everyone that you love and live in every moment and take care of every second that you have in life. Live with every heartbeat. Love with every heartbeat and fight with every heartbeat.



shape tattoo

shape tattoo 2

shape tattoo 3

blackwork by Matt Matik, weissesrauschen, Maiara (Criciúma/SC-Brazil)

Tattoo Submission: Bella (NYC)



The Harry Potter books were the first I learned to read cover-to-cover in English. I wasn’t able to read them in order — at the time, my family couldn’t afford to buy me the whole set — so I took them out of our school library (which never had them in stock). Hogwarts was, and still is, my home.