Hilary Duff update  - 


Take out your magnifying glass again.

Hilary has gotten a new tattoo, on her right rib. It says ‘ma petite amie,’ which is french. The literal meaning is ‘my little friend’ but the proper meaning is ‘my girlfriend.’
Rumor is she got it with/for her best friend.

Hilary Duff.  - 

I was quite surprised to find out she has one.

It says ‘let it be’ on her right ankle

I promise to be on the lookout for a better picture of it :)

Something she said back when she was 18:
I mean, obviously I don’t have anything against it, because look at my boyfriend,” Hilary said while dating Joel Madden. “But I think I would just get so bored with it, looking at the same thing over and over again. And [Joel’s] found a simple solution to that — he just keeps adding more and more and more. But I don’t think I could. I don’t like that pain.