Suvi Koponen


yes, I’m STILL posting model tattoos.

Imported’ tattooed under her right breast.

‘Cat’ tattooed on her right hand, stands for Catherine McNeil (This is the latest one)

Three lines on her left wrist

The number ’5′ in the middle of her back on the left side. It stands for the number of people in her family as well as it being her lucky number.

Sources: tfs, JDvision twitter

Pete Doherty.


Anyone else feel as though there is a lack of guys with tattoos on this blog?

Catherine McNeil


star behind ear

line on her finger, same as Freja.
how gorgeous is she? It’s stuff like this that makes me think about starting a fashion blog.

dragon on the back of her shoulder (don’t think it’s real)

stars on her left wrist

white ink tattoo on her arm – kill the head and the body will die


others include:

the number 13 on her inner right wrist
word done in white ink on the back of her neck
words going down her right ribcage

Carolyn Murphy


Koi fish on her right hip