Tattoo Submission: Joy (The Hague)  - 


Hope.  - 

hope tattoohope tattoo 2 hope tattoo 3

Ascot Friday,  Paula (Madrid),  Milou Van Groesen

Wrists.  - 




 Paula (Madrid)
Spes is Latin for ‘hope’, the name we gave our home. The ‘V’ is the roman numeral 5, dedicated to the five members in my family.

 Sylwia (Cracow)

Moa C (Sweden)
The triangle stands for one of the four elements – fire. Long story short – i am a firesoul.

Arms.  - 


Emilie (Aarhus)

Yasmina A

Moa (Sweden) “compass tattoo, south pointing to my old tatto ” family” so I always find my way home.”

Tattoo Submission: Filippa B  - 


“I had been thinking about doing this tattoo for a long time and when I finally where inspired by my own choice of leaping in to faith, I wanted a symbol that would forever remind me of never be too safe. And what could suit the purpose better than the symbol for hope?”